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FUE hair transplant needle

One of the prerequisites of productive and successful is work is always that the person doing the work have access to equipment of proper quality. This is especially true of a job that requires such precision and attention to detail as hair transplantation. The results of the hair transplantation procedure are greatly determined by the type and quality of the FUE hair transplant needle used to extract the hair. It does not matter how educated and experienced the doctor performing the procedure is, without the proper equipment they cannot do quality work. The narrow, durable and high quality FUE needle can ensure a quality hair transplantation and that the patient will leave the clinic satisfied.

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Our different sizes and types of FUE hair transplant needles are all durable, of excellent quality and can contribute greatly to the success of the hair transplantation procedure.

A well chosen follicular unit extraction needle makes the work of the doctor performing the hair transplantation significantly easier. Its use make the extraction of the hairs easier and quicker, which is advantageous for the doctor, the assistants and the patient as well.

A well designed FUE needle has two important and typical characteristics which determine its use: its width and sharpness.

Due to its size, a small narrow FUE hair transplant needle comes into contact with the skin on a smaller surface and enables a better view of the treated surface. The small FUE needle allows more precise extraction of hairs so that the doctor really only extracts the hairs that they want to. With the use of a proper size FUE needle there will be no unnecessarily large incisions on the donor site. Thanks to this, the healing process is quicker and hair remains naturally thick on the donor site. A narrow FUE needle, by enabling the extraction of only the necessary hairs provides the opportunity for a later hair transplant.

The other absolutely necessary characteristic that a quality FUE needle must have is a specially formed, pointed and extra sharp end. Thanks to this characteristic our hair transplant needle easily penetrates the skin, making the procedure easier. The FUE hair transplant needle causes less destruction to the scalp and hair as well allowing for gentle extraction of the hairs that are to be transplanted. Use of the sharp FUE needles also means a less painful experience for the patient.

Part of a successful hair transplantation procedure is that a large portion the transplanted hairs begin to grow in their new place. For this, it is necessary that they not be hurt in the extraction process. Safe extraction is impossible without the reliable quality and precisely made hair extraction tools, FUE needles.

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